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  • low impact core workout [TC] This is a quick, yet super challenging low impact core workout I am not a fan of the traditional crunches and I don’t advise them for anyone who has back pain. This exercise will work your abs without putting stress on your back.   This is a time challenge workout [TC]. You will want to go through the workout and record how long it took you to complete it. Share your time in the comment area and in your workout log. Next time you do this workout, you want to challenge that time and do it faster ? In this workout, I use: A Resistance Loop band to put around your thighs. This will activate your glute muscles. If you don’t have a resistance band, simply contract your glutes during this exercise. A Resistance Band. If you don’t have a resistance band, you can simply use a towel.   LOW IMPACT CORE WORKOUT BREAKDOWN: TC Rounds: 3 Rest: 1 minute between each round. Little to no rest between exercises. Inchworm Planks x 15 Resistance band plank jump outs x 10 Jump outs x 15 Toe touch mountain climbers x 20 alternating Standing abs with band x 20 alternating Go ahead and […] The post low impact core workout [TC] appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • Low carb flax crackers Going low carb and not sure what to do about snacks? I’ve got your back my friend.  These low carb flax crackers are not only super healthy, but they will satisfy all your snacking cravings.   Going low starch can help you tremendously manage inflammation without drugs (with few exceptions of course). A lot of research has shown that people who suffer from arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis have reached noticeable improvements up to a total recession with a low starch diet.   If you have an autoimmune inflammatory illness, you will want to research the low starch protocol – there are usualy under these names: AIPs diet, the GAPs diet or the AS low starch diet.   I have personally started the GAPs protocol and beside the obvious steady reduction in inflammation, I have also learned so much about food since I decided to go cold turkey and do it.  My biggest takeaway was that “eating healthy” is totally subjective.  What may be healthy for you, may make me sick and vice versa.   You have to find what works for your body and what makes you thrive. Black beans, whole grains and spinach are considered healthy, whole foods. Yet if you have […] The post Low carb flax crackers appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • How I started my fitness blog I can’t believe it’s been already a year since I started my fitness blog coachsofiafitness. I think a blog post about how it all came together is due ? I am also going to have a brand new blog category for life as a blogger to share with you my behind the scenes, and document my journey. Sometimes, you do want to share those amusing behind the scenes with friends and I sincerely consider my readers my virtual friends ?   Throughout this post I will be mentioning names, websites and companies. These guys have either helped me with a course or service or have supported me throughout this journey. I have to say that without them, I probably wouldn’t have known what I know now about blogging. HOW I STARTED MY FITNESS BLOG   After I got certified as a strength coach, I decided to start a blog, aside from seeing few clients on the side. I was super excited. I really had no idea what I was going to blog about. I did have few random blogs about saving the environment, travel and photography before but nothing legit.   I got a free blog name on, but I then […] The post How I started my fitness blog appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • Low carb carrot muffins – grain free, paleo, GAPs If you think that you need wheat flour to make delish muffins, think twice ?  I am confident these low carb carrot muffins will change your mind. I recently have been experimenting a lot with grain free recipes as I realized that many of us experience a lot of digestive issues through grains consumption that leads to chronic inflammation. Sensitivities to gluten have also increased tremendously lately.   Since this blog is all about eliminating chronic joint pain through an anti-inflammatory nutrition, I decided to add more grain free recipes that you can enjoy without having any side effects. PS: Don’t forget to download your FREE anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes e-book below. The only flour I used to make these muffins is almond flour. The grated carrots will help keep the mix consistent.  If you are allergic to almond, you can substitute almond flour with coconut and flax seeds flours.  Alternatively, you can also use walnut flour if available. RELATED: low carb pumpkin cookies RELATED: Simple pumpkin muffins I used a non stick baking pan and oiled it with coconut oil.  I am a real coconut oil junkie; I use it for everything. literally. I can confidently say that this recipe can be […] The post Low carb carrot muffins – grain free, paleo, GAPs appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • Coffee cake recipe- low carb, paleo, GAPs, grain free Today, I am sharing this delicious low carb coffee cake recipe that will satisfy your carb cravings.   My priorities have shifted lately since I started following a low starch diet, I now highly value my health even more than before.  For this reason I decided to eliminate coffee from my diet and become best friends with teas, pumpkin lattes and more teas. I used to be a heavy cafe au lait drinker and was not gonna give it away for anything.   Since following a grain free diet, I started facing my own insecurities (though that’s for another post).  It’s true that food can provide a lot of comfort and a sense of security.  Most comfort foods are made of grain flours and sugars. When you stop eating them, it’s like you have nowhere to hide.  You can no longer grab that piece of bread, savour that donut at the end of a stressful day, or grab that burger at the mall because the smell of the buns are just so irresistible, and life is too short not to.   So by avoiding that feeling of reaching out to comfort food, you are now facing the feeling and not “distracting” it. […] The post Coffee cake recipe- low carb, paleo, GAPs, grain free appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.

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