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  • HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT-ULTIMATE FAT LOSS GUIDE! How to lose belly fat. The one question I get 99% of the time, whenever I ask a client or friend about their health goals.  So, today my dear reader,  you and I are going to sit down and get this fat loss thing figured out ? As you know, your health is your responsibility.  The way your body feels (illness, disease, obesity, lack of energy) sure has a huge impact on your mental well-being.   By taking care of your body – regardless of your body shape, family health history or conditions you may have – you will be rewarded with vitality, health, and longevity (boring talk I know, but remains true) I have been getting a lot of questions lately about how to lose belly fat, how to drop the weight and break free from the never ending cycle of being on and off diets, on and off gym classes, while the only thing that seems to stay consistent is the weight on the scale. If you are ready, then I am ready. I will show you how to lose fat, no matter what body-fat percentage you are at right now and ultimately uncover your abs and train them […] The post HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT-ULTIMATE FAT LOSS GUIDE! appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • LOW CARB CHOCOLATE CAKE – GUILT FREE   Hello Friends ? So glad to be back here with another yummy, yet guilt free recipe you can indulge in, absolutely GUILT FREE. I am all about eating healthy, but also not giving up on your favourite recipes that you enjoy and absolutely love. This year I completely switched up my nutrition. I kinda found myself giving up on a lot of CARBY stuff, without even noticing. I guess including many healthy fats helps me stay full for longer hours that I don’t even want to eat a lot of carbs.  That being said, I still enjoy home made bread every once in a while. Last week I started craving a lot of chocolate. Specifically chocolate cake. Blame the holiday season but who knows. So as I didn’t want to just let my cravings pile up – never ends up well. I decided to come up with a super creamy low carb chocolate cake that can satisfy my cravings and also not give me the post-dessert-blues. Here are few notes to make the best out of this low carb chocolate cake: I used almond flour and coconut flour. I have been making breads with coconut flour but I noticed that […] The post LOW CARB CHOCOLATE CAKE – GUILT FREE appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • LOW CARB CHICKEN STUFFED PEPPERS I am finally posting this yummy low carb chicken stuffed peppers recipe! Incorporating a low carb diet can be quite challenging. If you are used to eating grains and you love bread (like me) then you may get really discouraged. For the past years, my diet was heavy in grains and carbs (brown rice, starchy vegetables, whole wheat bread and quinoa). Considering my active lifestyle, I didn’t really gain weight, but I didn’t look my best either. While I still chose my carbs wisely, I did not have a proper schedule for them. That was my issue. I would load up my breakfast with carbs, my lunch and my dinner. Lately I have been monitoring my food journal – btw you can get a copy of my two food journals below – and I did notice that I consume lots of carbohydrates. I also happened to get really interested in the bulletproof lifestyle after reading this book. I always loved fats – I always use coconut oil and grass fed butter. So I started incorporating it more into my meals. I noticed a lot of benefits from doing that: Sustain energy throughout my morning – I no longer get those […] The post LOW CARB CHICKEN STUFFED PEPPERS appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • BEST GIFT IDEAS FOR FITNESS LOVERS Shopping can quite rough, especially during  the holiday season. I personally can spend hours trying to find the perfect gift, and the thought of running around a crowded mall drains my soul. I find this particularly harder if I am trying to buy a gift for someone who is not really into health and fitness – because I have no idea what else to get them –  However, don’t we all want to offer our loved ones a gift that can have a better impact on their health and well-being?   To help you out, I  put together a list of gifts that can have a greater impact, and that are also out of the box ? These gifts are PERFECT for health and fitness enthusiasts and can be purchased via amazon. You can also take advantage of their PRIME membership trial and get your gift delivered in 2 days for free (the trial lasts one month and you can cancel anytime during that month). Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial All the gifts listed in this list are products I personally used, tried via a friend and loved, and has had a positive impact in my life. Let’s dive in.. BEST […] The post BEST GIFT IDEAS FOR FITNESS LOVERS appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • BUILD LEAN MUSCLE WORKOUT   Hey guys, So as many of you may know. I am a huge fan of working out from home. I am also a huge fan of going to the gym ? I find that both have their advantages so I use both means to help me reach my fitness goals to build lean muscle, and continue gaining strength. If you want to know how to build your home gym for free or cheap. Check out my post here. Now, I know that many of you want to build lean muscle in addition to burning fat. If you are just trying  “shrink” by cutting calories and dieting, then you will have to be okay not achieving a toned strong body. It just won’t happen. When people go through long period of dieting and see the weight go down fast, what actually happens is that, they lost a lot of water and muscle and some fat. This is a weak unhealthy way that gives you that “skinny fat” body look.  This was my first experience with weight loss. Now, in order to maximise fat loss and building lean muscle. You want to incorporate high intensity training. If you are already lifting […] The post BUILD LEAN MUSCLE WORKOUT appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.

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