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  • Hip serie for piriformis and hip pain [VIDEO] Piriformis syndrome is such a tricky and frustrating chronic condition.  It has been my experience that doing too little or too much can get you back to square one. I am sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I am excited to share a quick exercise series that will help you alleviate piriformis and hip pain. I don’t want to talk in detail on what piriformis syndrome is as I am assuming you already know all about it by now (because you are on my website). However, I have a whole category about piriformis syndrome treatment and back pain healing you can checkout later on. PS: click here to read all about my piriformis syndrome story  When you are in the middle of a pain episode (which can last up to a month in some cases), you may feel that you are not doing enough stretching… and so you stretch more.  I have always been guilty of being a chronic “stretcher”. I literally stretched everywhere, every 20 minutes.  I certainly overdid it to the point where my hips felt even more unstable, the tightness was constant despite the stretching and piriformis spasms intensified. TRUTH.. To be honest with you, […] The post Hip serie for piriformis and hip pain [VIDEO] appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • 5 ultimate lower back pain – piriformis syndrome exercises What is the number 1 thing almost everyone is advised to do (or think of doing) when having an episode of lower back pain? stretching. stretching. and stretching.   While stretching is so beneficial for restoring flexibility and joints health, overdoing it usually backfires if done for too long, or when stretching is simply not what is needed in your case (as you may think that the lack of stretching is what may have caused back pain). For a healthy balance body, you want to be strengthening and stretching.  I like to think of it as stretching what is tight and strengthening what is weak.   And because the majority of people spend 80% of their time sitting; the core and glutes get weaker and weaker overtime, and they end up with back pain. This is then followed by further stretching the muscles that were weak and long in the first place.  A better way of doing it? Stretching the hip flexors (tend to get too tight – short muscles) and strengthening the glutes (too weak) PS: don’t forget to grab your back pain kit! This quick workout will seriously “reawaken” your dormant glutes and core muscles.  I usually do […] The post 5 ultimate lower back pain – piriformis syndrome exercises appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • 5 Fat Loss “Tips” You Should Avoid at all Costs This is a guest post by Caroline from eHealthInformer  About The Author: Caroline has tried every diet – Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, you name it. It wasn’t until she realized her lack of success came from her relationship with food, and not the stuff she was eating, that she started to see progress. Three years later, she’s happy, healthy, active and ready to share all her weight loss advice with fellow chronic-dieters. Read more of her thoughts on health and fitness at GUEST POST: Everyone who has ever attempted to lose weight probably started their journey with a quick Google search on the subject. In a matter of seconds, you can access seemingly unlimited pieces of advice, all promising to offer you the perfect fat loss solution.  Step two of the journey then involves hopelessly trying to implicate each of these tips into your daily life, while bemoaning your own inability to stick with the program. However, let’s get real for a second: most of the online advice is a load of rubbish. More and more women adapt torturous diets, but stringent restrictions actually do very little to keep us healthy and happy. This makes sense, no? We all know […] The post 5 Fat Loss “Tips” You Should Avoid at all Costs appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • Salmon spaghetti squash recipe I like to call spaghetti squash the vegetable-pasta. It’s seriously a guilt-free way to satisfy your carb cravings while getting all the benefits.  I am excited to share with you this amazing salmon spaghetti squash recipe that you can quickly make. The hardest thing about going low carb / low starch can be finding substitutes for your favorite foods: bread, cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes, PASTA! (ex-bread addict here) This website is your great source for low carb recipes by the way. I post all my low carb creations on this blog so you can satisfy your cravings and enjoy guilt free baking!   Today, I want to share my absolute favorite pasta recipe with a little yellow twist ? I substituted regular pasta with spaghetti squash.  If you never gave spaghetti squash a try, and wonder if it would turn out good for you, then start here. The sauce accompanying the vegetable-pasta is seriously the most delicious thing. PS: I have to mention that I microwave my spaghetti squash. I find it to be the quickest, most convenient way. With that being said, just make sure you poke it few times with a knife. I once forgot to do so, and […] The post Salmon spaghetti squash recipe appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.
  • How the mind body syndrome may be causing you pain Part of being a coach is to educate, and share information. If there is a treatment or tip out there that I feel will benefit you, you bet that I will be sharing it in this blog.  It truly saddens me to see people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars, and many years of their life trying to find a cure to their chronic disease.  I read people’s stories inside our community group, other back pain forums, and let’s not forget my own back pain experience. I personally have spent thousands of dollars in therapies and doctors. To give you an idea, here is a list of all the treatments that I’ve tried so far: Physiotherapy (up to 7 months of treatment) Athletic therapy (on and off from few weeks to months of treatment) General Doctor (to prescribe anti-inflammatories). I’ve gone through several boxes of them for the past 7 years. Heat and cold therapies Foam rolling (it’s been an ongoing practice) Massage therapy (on and off depending on the need) Acupunture (up to 6 months of weekly treatment) Acupressure (using the acupressure Spoonk mat) Stretching Yoga Chiropractic (up to 2 years of treatment) Gaps diet Low starch […] The post How the mind body syndrome may be causing you pain appeared first on Coach Sofia Fitness - Smart training | workouts + Nutrition.

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