Is My Site Indexed?

Is my site indexed by Google? Is my site indexed by Yahoo – or Bing? Up until now it hasn’t always been easy to tell if your site is indexed by these three major search engines. Find out in just two easy steps if your site is indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Step 1: Enter your domain name:


We’ll check whether Google, Yahoo, and Bing have indexed your site. We’ll also do a quick check of your website too just to make sure it’s working properly. At you check the indexing status of your website, you’ll see links to other websites which can give you useful information about your site. Just click on some of these to have spiders and bots swarming over your site in a matter of minutes – all of which helps to get your website indexed even quicker!

Is Your Site Indexed by Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

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If Your Website Isn’t Indexed, We’ll Help You Get It Indexed!

If your website isn’t indexed, Is My Site Indexed can be used to index your site even if it’s only a few minutes old. By entering your domain name above, a page is created on this website that contains various anchor text backlinks to your site – which are then spidered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo on a regular basis.

If you want to confirm the indexing results provided by this site, here is a quick video that shows you how to check if your website is indexed manually by the three major search engines: